Pro-Fit Is Launching In The UK

Celebrate Our Launch & Win
the ‘Pro-Fit Hero’ System & a Metabo Combi Drill

Pro-Fit is Launching in the UK

Celebrate Our Launch & Win the ‘Pro-Fit Hero’ System & a Metabo Combi Drill

Stop Burning. Start Cutting.

If you are tired of burning through wood with that bi-metal hole saw then you are in the right place.

The Pro-Fit system offers a range of hole saws specifically designed for the material you are cutting into.

Take a look at the Pro-Fit TCT hole saw.

Burn Free

Where bi-metal hole saws burn through wood, the TCT truly cuts through with increased speed and accuracy.

Easy Plug Removal

Slide the hole saw back to reveal and remove the plug with ease. No more stabbing away with your screwdriver.

Quick Change

Every hole saw has the arbour attached allowing for quick changes between sizes, saving you time on every job.

Long Lasting

No more disposing of your hole saws after a few uses as Pro-Fit hole saws last longer than any other.

Easy Enlarging

The Pro-Fit system makes is super simple to enlarge a hole and find the exact centre every time.

Angles Made Easy

The Pro-Fit system, with the ability to slide the hole saw back, makes drilling holes at an angle easy work.

Win the Pro-Fit Hero System

The Pro-Fit system not only gives you the ability to choose the right holesaw for the job, but also offers the largest range available on the market. The ‘Pro-Fit Hero’ system is packed full of holesaws and comes in systainer boxes for easy storage.

Take part in the our launch celebration and be in with a chance to win this kit.

Cutting Holes Has Never Been So Simple

Gone are the days of using one hole saw for everything. The Pro-Fit system makes it simple to pick the right hole saw for the material you’re cutting into.

Best of all, the quick change system means you can jump between hole saws types and sizes super easily.

Don't Take Our Word For It

To make sure we bring you the exact kits you need, we have been working with a some early testers of the Pro-Fit System.

Here is what they have to say…

Start Cutting Holes Like A Boss

To celebrate the launch of Pro-Fit in the UK we are giving away the Pro-Fit hero System and a brand new Metabo drill to use it with.

Take part now by clicking the button below.

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